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Do you need a VPN when using Premiumize?

Premiumize is a must have addition to Kodi and streaming apps. But do you need a VPN whilst using the Premiumize service? Here’s the answer…

There is still uncertainty when it comes to using services like Real Debrid or Premiumize with the use of a VPN.

Most streamers will use a VPN when streaming Movies or Shows online from popular streaming services such as Kodi or apps like TVZion.

When including Premiumize into these media apps, users see a huge increase in the amount of 1080p and 4K links whilst the apps resolves and scrapes the internet for links.

But because Premiumize comes at with a price tag, and they use their own servers, there are still many users unsure if they need to use a VPN with Premiumize.

Streaming Privacy - Using a VPN with Premiumize

What is Premiumize?

Premiumize is a service used to increase the amount of Premium HD links found when resolving or scraping media with apps like Kodi.

Premiumize Logo - What is premiumize?

Premiumize is also a secure cloud based storage services that allows users the ability to import media files to their library which can be accessed on any media player that supports network connections.

Premiumize also allows users to import Torrent magnet links to their library, which allows its users to download HD and 4K movies within seconds, which is then stored in their online cloud, with no association to their IP address or computer storage.

You can learn more about Premiumize here

Do you need a VPN when using Premiumize?

This is the most common question when it comes to services like this …

Let’s help with some clarity around this question! Do you need a VPN with Premiumize?

The answer is simple; No you do not need a VPN when using Premiumize.

Premiumize operates with a built in VPN that encrypts the connections to the links that are resolved. In addition to this, Premiumize use servers that are not publically available.

This means your ISP will not know where you are streaming from, or that the IP you are connected to is associated with media streaming.

Although you can still use a VPN whilst using Premiumize, the added layer of security will result in slower connections to the Premiumize service, especially if you are connected to a VPN from another country.

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Official statement

Here is the official statement from Premiumize about using a VPN with the Premiumize service;

Do I need to use a VPN with Premiumize?

You can use a VPN on top of using but there is no security advantage. All connections to and from our servers are already encrypted. Additionally, our servers are not public knowledge so your ISP would not know what service or download you are using.

If you use a VPN it will not make a difference on our end but please be aware that we optimize speeds for your location and network. If you use a VPN we do not know your final ISP network and and we can only adapt for an optimal routing to the VPN server location, as this is the last known endpoint.

The speed from your VPN destination to you is on your VPN provider.

Additionally; weaker devices such as smartphones and TV boxes might see a performance drop for the double wrapped encrypted connection.

In Summary

Hopefully this answers your question about using a VPN with Premiumize.

We advise not using a VPN with it, as this may affect the performance of the servers, and rely on the built in encryption that Premiumize offers.

If you have concerns or questions, visit the Premiumize website and have a browse through their knowledge base.

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