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BREAKING : IPVanish confirm they now offer UNLIMITED devices

Most VPN providers offer a maximum of 10 devices when purchasing a VPN service, but IPVanish just confirmed you can now use it on unlimited devices.

Back last week, we reported that IPVanish now offers unlimited devices with their VPN service.

This was initially speculated, and confirmed via our contact at NetProtect which was covered in the video below.

Today, we received an official email from IPVanish informing its users of the change.

IPVanish Unlimited Devices

Here is a snap shot of the email we received from our affiliate partner at IPVanish :

IPVanish now offers unlimited devices

You now have the ability to use IPVanish VPN on all devices within your household.

IPVanish have said that by restricting the amount of connections to the service, would involve some form of logging, which could raise questions for other VPN providers.

They have just published a blog post about this on their official website ;

This is good news for all IPVanish customers, as you can now share your account on multiple devices!

We have published a tutorial which will show you how to setup IPVanish on the Nvidia Shield if you want to learn more!

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